Break vicious cycles & build a balanced life.

I'm Beatrice
the self sabotage therapist

Big believer that once you admit you are part of the problem, you get to be part of the solution.

I'm an expert on Self- sabotage - I've done it endless times!

But I also found a way to spin my actions and thoughts around so that when life throws things at me now I'm prepared (and less likely to engage in unhealthy behaviours).

My practice is all about helping you get where you want to be, while keeping your inner critic at bay.

The topic covered extremely helped me to pick myself up from my mistakes, failures, weaknesses and negativity around me:

I started and just completed an intense course to boost and grow one of my talent which I will continue working on. I will be enrolling to the next step to develop my talent even more.

I have also encountered a situation at work with a colleague which I took the courage to challenge the person with the right tool and it work well for me for the very first time.

I have decided to be more out spoken with my manager at work, addressing issues I face daily.

I have also started a course to boost my career which I strongly believe will be beneficial to my role within the company and my career.

Thank you very much.

M. (previous course participant)